Monday, May 04, 2015

Veterans Wall of Remembrance 2006

The Veterans Wall of Remembrance stands in the north east corner of the Capital Funeral Home and Cemetery, on Prince of Wales Drive. It is a large stone wall with names of veterans on both sides.

Created in 1869. This 7th version of the ensign
is an official Legion flag (2005) and heritage flag of
Canada (2007). The ensign was the Dominion of Canada's battle
flag during World War One (with the Union Jack), World War Two,
Korean and Cold Wars plus peacekeeping operations. Please reflect on
the 1.8 million Canadian volunteers who served under this banner.
Our flag honours the sacrifice and service of those Canadian Army,
Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), Royal Canadian Navy (RCN)
and Merchant Marine Veterans who rest here.
We Shall Remember Them.
November 11, 2012