Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brantwood Place Gates

The Brantwood Place Gates were built in 1912 to promote the housing development to the east of them. The gates were built from cheap materials and at one point there was talk of removing them. There was opposition to this by Ottawa's citizenry. In 1948 the gates were dedicated as a war memorial and designated heritage property.

The gates are, at this time, not in good condition. The City of Ottawa plans to have the gates rebuilt as part of an upcoming 2013-2015 Main Street rebuild.


Built as an entrance to Brantwood Place, a new approach to town planning for its time. Dedicated as a war memorial in 1948.

Designated heritage property.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Beechwood Cemetery Memorials

Royal Canadian Navy Monument


This monument was created as an enduring legacy to the Royal Canadian Navy, in honour of its centennial celebrated in 2010.

Since its establishment, the Navy has been instrumental in protecting and preserving Canada's sovereignty, not only by safeguarding our maritime approaches, but also by representing our interests in international waters. This monument commemorates the contributions and sacrifices of the men and women in naval uniform who have served and continue to serve Canada at sea in times of peace and war. Their contribution will not be forgotten.

Artist: Al McWilliams
Architects: Joost Bakker and Bruce Haden
Getting to this monument to view it may be somewhat tricky. Going west on Wellington Street take the first right turn immediately after passing the Portage Bridge. Going east on Wellington take the first left after Lett Street. Park in the parking lot for the Mill St. Brew Pub.

Walk north east along the path. Do not cross the foot bridge over the water. You will soon come upon the monument.