Memorials Needing Maintenance or Repair at Time of Photographing Them

As I travel around photographing the memorials in and around Ottawa I occasionally find one that needs some attention. Rather than point out these things in the various posts on them I decided to make reference to them here. This will be ongoing as I go back through the photographs I have taken and as I encounter them.

This plaque makes up part of the display of a twin four inch gun and two anchors
from HMCS Buckingham in le Parc des anciennes combattants in Buckingham,
Québec. The plaque is not in the best of shape but, worst of all, the ship's
crest that had been in the centre of the plaque is missing. Hopefully it has
been removed to be added to a new plaque.

This memorial in Smith's Falls commemorates the opening of the Rideau Canal.
I assume this metal plate must have borne a plaque with information about
this memorial. The plaque is missing. Hopefully someone working for the city
has it in their possession for refurbishment.

This is the Liberty Milestone, a gift from France to Embrun. As you can see
from this picture this memorial was in very bad shape when I photographed
it in August, 2015. I sent an email to Embrun's government. I received no
reply and I have not been back to see if the Embrun government did
anything to restore this part of their heritage.

This memorial structure stands near the swinging bridge in Renfrew, Ontario.
I have no idea what it commemorates as it looks to have two plaques missing.

This is a commemorative structure in Centeen Park in Brockville, Ontario. The
cap on this has suffered some damage that some mortar and a few hours work
would fix it up a bit. There is evidence of new stone work on this structure
so it's likely this will get fixed up sooner than later.

This memorial site has plaques about the St. Lawrence Seaway and aspects of
the War of 1812. It is located on the site overlooking the Iroquois lock, in
Iroquois, Ontario. There are two flag poles with flags and between them there
is a flag pole that has been cut off near the base. The third flag is missing.

This was a plaque titled, 'Era of Invention.' The stand and metal base for
the plaque remain. The plaque and its parts are entirely gone. This is
located on the east side of Portage Bridge on Victoria Island in Ottawa. I
reported this to the National Capital Commission three days prior to posting
this. I have not heard back from them yet.

The two rocks enclosed in the fencing commemorate flooding of the nearby
McKay Lake in Rockcliffe. The rocks were made of clay to look like glacial
stones. They have an inscription of the event they commemorate. One of them
has been badly shattered. Hopefully the fencing
indicates that the rocks will be restored.