Friday, November 14, 2014

Lending a Helping Hand at the Manotick Public Library

I found another of the Lending a Helping Hand sculptures. Earlier I had posted about that sculpture at the library in Greely. The one in this posting stands outside the Manotick Library to the right of the main entrance. The Manotick Public Library stands on the east side of South River Drive about halfway between Bridge Street and South Island Park Drive in Manotick.

Bracken Field Plaque

Bracken Field is on Bridge Street in Manotick between North Riverside Drive and Long Island Road. The Bracken Field Plaque is on the southwest corner of the field.


This playing field was donated to the
Carleton Board of Education in 1969 by the
family of John and Alice Bracken.

The Honourable John Bracken, M.P., 1883
- 1969, was Premier of Manitoba from
1922 ti 1943. He was chosen Leader of the
federal Progressive Conservative Party in
1943 and was Leader of the Opposition until
1948 when he resigned. He was appointed a
Member of the Privy Council in 1962.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

John Lester Blair Memorial Plaque

The John Lester Blair memorial plaque stands next to the pathway that runs through Blair Park between Tradewinds Drive and Winding Way.

In Memory of

(1925 - 2001)

The dedication of this park honours the Blair family's standing as one of
Nepean's original farming families dating back to 1889 and will forever mark
the location of the original Blair family homestead and farmlands upon which
the community of Chapman Mills now stands.

Dedicated on this
25th day of August 2006

Friday, October 24, 2014

Twenty-fifth Anniversary of Canadian Governors General Plaque

You can find the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of Canadian Governors General Plaque attached to a large boulder on the grounds of Rideau Hall.

1952 - 1977

Anniversary of
Governors General

anniversaire des
Gouverneurs généraux

Jules Léger
(1974 - 1979)

Roland Michener
(1967 - 1974)

Georges-Philias Vanier
(1959 - 1967)

Vincent Massey
(1952 - 1959)

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II unveiled this plaque
during her Silber Jubilee visit.

Sa Majesté la Reine Elisabeth II a dévolé cette plaque
durant les fête maquant ses vingt-cinq années de régne.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

W. T. Macoun Memorial Sundial

William Tyrrell Macoun was Dominion Horticulturist and the architect of the Dominion Experimental Farm, Saanichton Station in 1912. The sundial that stands in his memory in the Ornamental Gardens at the Experimental farm was unveiled there in 1936. The pedestal and ornaments were designed by Arthur Kellett.

The six plaques around the top of the sundial read:

Erected to the memory of
W. T. Macoun, D.Sc.

Born 1869 - Died 1933
Horticulturist 1888 - 1910
First Dominion
Horticulturist 1910 - 1933

Federal District
1920 - 1933

The perennial border
he personally planted
and cared for lies
immediately to the east

This sundial
was erected in 1936
with monies raised by
public subscription

The garden covers the
site formerly occupied
by his residence

W. T. MACOUN, D. Sc.
Commissaire de district fédéral
1920 - 1933

Né en 1869 - Mort en 1933
Horticuteur 1898 - 1910
Premier directeur du service
d'horticulture fédéral 1910 - 1933

Les plantes vivace qu'il a
lui-même plantées et
entrenues bordent le
côté 'est' de ce monument.

Ce cadran solaire a du
être érigé en 1936 grâce
aux fonds recueillis lors
d'une campagne de
souscription publique.

Le jardin occupe présentement
l'ancien empacement de sa résidence.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Rideau Hall Inuksuk

The Inuksuk on the grounds of Rideau Hall has its original dedication plaque and a more recent one with a more detailed explanation.

Dedicated on
National Aboriginal Day
June 21, 1997
In the presence of
Their Excellencies
The Right Honourable
Roméo LeBlanc
Governor General of Canada
& Mrs. Diana Fowler LeBlanc

This Inuksuk was donated by
MDS Nordion
The Royal Canadian Geographical Society
through the
Canadiana Fund

Silent Messengers of the Arctic

Inuksuk created by Kananginak Pootoogook, 1997

For generations, the Inuit have been
creating impressive stone markers
on the Arctic landscape. Inuksuk
means "acting in the capacity
of a human." They serve many
functions, including guiding
travellers, warning of danger,
assissting hunters and marking
places of reverence.

Lady Aberdeen Memorial Plaque

The Lady Aberdeen Memorial Plaque is on the grounds of Rideau Hall in Ottawa.

(1857 - 1939)

Raised in Scotland, in 1877 Ishbel Maria Marjoribanks married Lord Aberdeen, who was Governor General of Canada from 1893 to 1898. A formidable and energetic person, she devoted her life to promoting social causes and served for years as president of the International Council of Women. In Canada she founded the National Council of Women, helped establish the Victorian Order of Nurses and headed the Aberdeen Association, which distributed literature to settlers. Lady Aberdeen later organized the Red Cross Society of Scotland and the Women's National Association of Ireland. She died at Aberdeen, Scotland.

Sir Charles Stanley Monck Memorial Plaque

The Sir Charles Stanley Monck Memorial Plaque can be found on the Rideau Hall grounds.

1819 - 1894

An Irish peer and former member of the Palmerston administration, Lord Monck was named Governor General of British North America in 1861. During the American Civil War he laboured to keep hostilities from spreading north to British territory. An early proponent of the desirability of union of the British North American provinces, Monck devoted his energies and the prestige of his office to the cause of Confederation. His appointment wa extended to allow him to become the first Governor General of the Dominion of Canada in 1867. He retired to his estates in Ireland the following year.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Fountain of Hope

The Fountain of Hope is on the grounds of Rideau Hall just in front of the main façade of Government House. The fountain is one of the landmarks in Ottawa dedicated to the memory of Terry Fox.


perpetuating the spirit of

his Marathon of Hope

and the

given by
The Canadian Football League

dedicated by
Their Excellencies
The Governor General and Mrs. Edward Schreyer
June 3, 1982


le Marathon de l'Espoir de


offerte par
La ligue canadienne de football

inaugurée par
Leurs Excellences
le Gouverneur général et madame Edward Schreyer
le 3 juin 1982

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Simon Bolivar

The Simon Bolivar monument stands on the south side of Besserer Street at the 'T' junction of Dalhousie Street and Besserer. Beyond what is written on the plaques on the statue's plinth I cannot find any other information on this monument.


Liberator of Colombia
Ecuador, Peru, Panama and
and founder of Bolivia

Born in Caracas (Venezuela).
July 24, 1783
Died in Santa Marta (Colombia).
December 17, 1830

This monument if a gift of the
Venezuelan government under
the presidency of Dr. Jaime Lusinchi.
Through the Minister of Internal
Affairs Dr. Jose Angel Cilibarto.
who on his behalf and representation
unveiled it on October 1988

Monument offered by the Government
of Venezuela upon request of its ambassador
His Excellency Gilberto Carrasouero,
supported by the Ambassadors to Canada
of the Bolivarian countries,

Their Excellencies

Luis Pelaez Rioja, Ambassador of Bolivia
Jaime Vidal Perdomo, Ambassador of Colombia
Mario Ribadeneira, Ambassador of Ecuador
Oscar Maurtua, Ambassador of Peru

to the City of Ottawa, during the tenure of
the Honourable James Durrell, Mayor

Ottawa, October 1988