Thursday, September 25, 2014

Simon Bolivar

The Simon Bolivar monument stands on the south side of Besserer Street at the 'T' junction of Dalhousie Street and Besserer. Beyond what is written on the plaques on the statue's plinth I cannot find any other information on this monument.


Liberator of Colombia
Ecuador, Peru, Panama and
and founder of Bolivia

Born in Caracas (Venezuela).
July 24, 1783
Died in Santa Marta (Colombia).
December 17, 1830

This monument if a gift of the
Venezuelan government under
the presidency of Dr. Jaime Lusinchi.
Through the Minister of Internal
Affairs Dr. Jose Angel Cilibarto.
who on his behalf and representation
unveiled it on October 1988

Monument offered by the Government
of Venezuela upon request of its ambassador
His Excellency Gilberto Carrasouero,
supported by the Ambassadors to Canada
of the Bolivarian countries,

Their Excellencies

Luis Pelaez Rioja, Ambassador of Bolivia
Jaime Vidal Perdomo, Ambassador of Colombia
Mario Ribadeneira, Ambassador of Ecuador
Oscar Maurtua, Ambassador of Peru

to the City of Ottawa, during the tenure of
the Honourable James Durrell, Mayor

Ottawa, October 1988