Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Boer War Memorial

Ottawa's Boer War Memorial stands in Confederation Park. It was designed by Hamilton MacCarthy in 1902. The statue depicts a Canadian soldier in khaki battle uniform. The main plaque reads, "Erected by 30,000 children of Ottawa and adjoining counties in memory of

Tptr. G. Bradley
Dvr. R. Bradley
Cpl. W. S. Brady
Pte. O. T. Burns
Pte. H. Cotton
Pte. E. DesLauriers
Pte. W. A. Hull
Pte. Z. R. E. Lewis
Pte. W. J. Leslie
Pte. F. J. Living
Tpr. G. O. Mann
Pte. E. McIntosh
Gnr. E. Picot
Sgt. W. H. Rea
Pte. W. H. J. Ross
Cpl. G. Thomas

Who lost their lives in the South African War