Monday, March 26, 2018

John Johnson's Mills Plaque

In Williamstown, Ontario, a plaque commemorating John Johnson's mills stands on the east side of the Raisin River where John Street curves northward to follow the river's bank.


Son of the celebrated Indian superintendent, Sir William Johnson, Sir John was born in 1742 in New York's Mohawk Valley. During the American Revolution, his Loyalist sympathies brought him to Canada where he organized the King's Royal Regiment of New York. After the Revolution, he received extensive Crown-land grants in Glengarry County and elsewhere. He built a grist-mill and sawmill here on the Au Raisin River about 1790 and, on the bank opposite a manor-house. Appointed to the Legislative Council of Lower Canada in 1796, he died near Montreal in 1830.

Erected by the Ottawa Archaeological and Historic Sites Board.