Thursday, March 15, 2018

Duncan Cameron Plaque

In Williamstown, Ontario on the east side of Church Street in front of St. Andrew's church stands a plaque commemorating Duncan Cameron.


Born in Scotland about 1764 he settled with his parents in Schenectady, New York. His father served with a Loyalist regiment during the American Revolution, following which the family moved to Glengarry. In 1784 Duncan entered the North West Company where, as manager of its Red River Department, he endeavoured to persuade Lord Selkirk's settlers to abandon their lands. When Selkirk's forces attacked Fort Gibralter in 1816, Cameron was captured and taken to England. Released and compensated for false arrest, he returned to Williamstown in 1820. He died in 1848 and is buried here.

Erected by the Ontario Archeological and Historic Sites Board.

(He is buried in the grave yard that takes up the land surrounding St. Andrew's Church.)