Thursday, January 25, 2018

Simon Fraser Plaque

West of St. Andrews West, on the southeast corner of County Road 18 and Valade Road stands a plaque commemorating Simon Fraser.

SIMON FRASER 1776-1862

This famout fur trader and explorer, son of a Loyalist officer, was born in what is now Vermont and came to Canada in 1784. He entered the fur trade with teh North West Company in 1792 and in 1805 was placed in charge of operations west of the Rocky Mountains. In 1808, while searching for a water route to the Pacific, Fraser descended to the turbulent river which bears his name. The skill and daring required to traverse thos 500 miles with their violent whirlpools and rapids make this feat one of the most outstanding in the exploration of Canada. Retiring from the Company in 1817, he settled on this property where he farmed and operated mills.

Erected by the Arhaeological and Historic Sits Board, Department of Public Records and Archives of Ontario