Saturday, January 21, 2017

Watson's Mill

Watson's Mill, a prominent landmark in Manotick, occupies a place on the west bank of the Rideau River and east of where Dickinson Street curves into Mill Street. A nineteenth century grist mill, Watson's Mill continues to operate, grinding grain into flour. The operation welcomes visitors who may take a self guided tour of the mill with tour booklets provided at the mill site.

When I went inside to photograph the interior I had no clue about any of it and, unfortunately I missed an entire floor as well as the turbines that power the mill. You will just have to go and visit the mill to see it all for yourself.

This gazebo overlooks the Rideau River from the Manotick Island.
I checked it and the piano works, though it may need tuning.

This building is not a mill though it has a sign saying 'Watson's Mill' on it.
It formed a part of the operation as a carriage shed. Right now
it houses a used book store.

An outstanding example of mill architecture in Ontario, this
grist-mill was constructed by Thomas Langrell, and Ottawa
contractor, for Moss K. Dickinson (1822-97) and Joseph M.
Currier (1820-84), the owners of a nearby sawmill. The
Long Island Mill began operation in 1860 with four sets of
mill-stones driven by water-powered turbines manufactured
in Ottawa. By autumn of 1862 a woolen-mill had been
added to the industrial complex, around which the community
of Manotick developed. Dickinson acquired full interest in the
mills in 1863 and the family retained ownership of the Long
Island Mill until 1929. In 1972 this mill, the adjacent Dickinson
House, and the original carriage-shed were purchased and
restored by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority.
Erected by the Ontario Heritage Foundation,

Ministry of Culture and Recreation

Watson's Mill Time Capsule
This time capsule was compiled of the 2010 year in
commemoration of Watson's Mill 150th Anniversary.
It will be opened in the year 2060.

La capsule de temps du Moulin Watson
Cette capsule de temps funt assemblée pendant l'année
2010 pour soluligner le 150ème anniversaire
du Moulin Watson. Elle sera révélée en 2060.