Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Forsyth's Raid Plaque

In Brockville, Ontario, in the area southwest of the corner of Ernie Fox Quay and Apple Street, on a park path almost hidden from the street stands a plaque commemorating Forsyth's Raid.


On the night of February 6-7, 1813, Major Benjamin
Forsyth of the United States Army, with a detachment
of regulars and militia numbering about 200 men, crossed
the frozen St. Lawrence River from Morristown, N.Y.,
and attacked Brockville. The village was garrisoned by
a company of Leeds Militia who, taken by surprise,
could offer no resistance. The invaders released
prisoners from the jail, took a quantity of arms, horses
and cattle, and carried off a number of residents. The
resentment aroused by this raid led to the successful
British attack on Ogdensburg, N.Y., February 22, 1813.

Erected by the Ontario Archaeological and Historic Sites Board.