Monday, October 03, 2016

The Founding of Renfrew Plaque

In Renfrew, Ontario near the southwest corner of the Renfrew Town Hall on the northwest corner of Railway Avenue and Plaunt Street South stands The Founding of Renfrew plaque.


Attracted by the development of the lumbering industry in the
Upper Ottawa Valley, a few settlers had located in this region
by 1830. Six years later Xavier Plaunt acquired land here near
the second chute of the Bonnechère River and by 1848 was
selling village lots and had provided land for the community's
first church. In that year a post office, Renfrew, was opened
and in 1851 the settlement contained a sawmill, grist-mill,
tannery and foundry. The movement into Renfrew of settlers
from neighbouring townships, and the opening in 1854 of the
Opeongo Road from Farrell's Landing on the Ottawa River,
stimulated the community's growth, and four years later it was
incorporated as a Village. In 1895 it became a town.

Erected by the Archaeological and Historic Sties Board,
Ministry of Colleges and Universities