Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Perth Military Settlement 1816

The plaque about the Perth military settlement occupies a spot on the south east corner of Gore Street East and Tay Street, just north of the Tay River in Perth, Ontario. The plaque has the same text on both sides.


The present townships of Bathurst, Beckwith and
Drummond were settled under the jurisdiction of the
Quarter Master General's Department. Scottish
emigrants, quartered in barracks at Brockville during
the winter of 1815-16, and soldiers discharged from
the Glengarry Light Infantry and the De Meuron
and De Watteville regiments, formed a majority of
the original settlers. In March, 1816, a central
depot was established on the site of Perth, and by
October the settlement contained some 1500 persons.
Erected by the Ontario Archaeological and Historic Sites Board.