Monday, September 25, 2017

John McIntosh Plaque

In Dundela, Ontario, the John McIntosh Plaque stands on the north side of Dundela Road (County Road 18), between Heritage Road and McIntosh Road.

JOHN McINTOSH, 1777-1846

McIntosh's parents emigrated from Inverness, Scotland to the Mohawk Valley, N.Y. and John moved to Upper Canada in 1796. In 1811 he acquired a farm near this site, and while clearing the land of second growth discovered several apple seedlings. He transplanted these and one bore the superior fruit which became famous as the McIntosh Red apple. John's son, Allan established a nursery and promoted this new species extensively. It was widely acclaimed in Ontario and the northern United States, and was introduced into British Columbia about 1910. Its popularity in North America and propagation in many lands attest the initiative and industry of John McIntosh and his descendants.

Erected by the Ontario Archaeological and Historic Sites Board.