Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Victory Trees

Carleton Place, Ontario, has planted maple trees, one for each individual named on the town's Cenotaph, at the schools in Carleton Place. The sign about this occupies a place in front of Saint Mary School on the northwest corner of Lake Avenue West and Hawthorne Avenue.


Maple trees planted at this site commemorate the lives lost by citizens of Carleton Place as a result of military service during WWI, WWII, and Korea. With 94 names on our Cenotaph, the same corresponding numbers of trees have been planted, collectively, at each Carleton Place school. Each tree represents a living memorial to a specific victim of war.

Lest We Forget

It is our eternal hope that his list never grows, but these trees flourish and reach for the Heavens.

September 27, 2012

Wendy Leblanc, Mayor
Robert Probert, Councillor & Project Chairman

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Larry Gray, Author
Carleton Place and Beckwith Historical Society

An additional thank you to our Project Sponsors, TD Green Streets and Tree Canada.