Saturday, July 12, 2014

Canloan Memorial

On going to photograph this memorial the first thing that struck me is that the Canloan Memorial is hard to find. In a photograph taken shortly after it was dedicated shows it out in the open with nothing around it. Since then it has been surrounded with bushes and trees such that it cannot be seen from the road unless people are looking to see it and even then it takes some neck bending to do that. The Canloan Memorial can be found at Sussex Drive and Stanley Avenue on the riverside of Stanley Avenue.

Erected by the governments of Canada and the United Kingdom,
the British Regiments, the Canloan Army Officers Association
and Canloan next of kin. Designated "Canloan" 673 Canadian
officers volunteered for loan to the British Army and took
part in the invasion and liberation of Europe 1944 -45.
Canloan total casualties were 465 of which 128 were fatal.
Their fallen are honoured in this quiet place in gratitude
and remembrance of the cost of liberty.

Unveiled by
His Excellency
Major-General the Right Honorable
Georges - P. Vanier
3 June 1961