Thursday, February 01, 2018

Dr. Mahlon W. Locke Plaque

In Williamsburg, Ontario a plaque commemorating Dr. Mahlon W. Locke stands on the northwest corner of County Road 18 and Locke Lane just east of Highway 31.

DR. MAHLON W. LOCKE 1880-1942

Born in nearby Matilda Township, Locke studied medicine at Queen's University and in Scotland. In 1908 he opened his medical office in this house. Interested in arthritis, which he believed was caused principally by fallen arches, he treated many arthritics in the following years by manual manipulation of their feet. Large numbers of his patients claimed be be cured or relieved by this method and his reputation spread throughout North America and overseas. From 1928 onwards thousands of sick visited Dr. Locke in Williamsburg where he reportedly treated hundreds of persons daily. During the depression years this enormous influx brought significant prosperity to the region.

Erected by the Archaeological and Historic Sites Board, Department of Public Records and Archives of Ontario