Wednesday, September 07, 2016

James Morris Plaque

The James Morris plaque stands near the southeast corner of John Ross Matheson Way and William Street in Brockville, Ontario.

JAMES MORRIS 1798 - 1865
A prominent Canadian politician, Morris was born in Paisley,
Scotland. His family immigrated to Canada in 1801 and later
settled in Elizabethtown (Brockville). He joined his brothere,
Alexander and William, in business there about 1820 and by
1836 had gained prominence in commercial and banking circles.
Morris represented Leeds in the provincial legislature from
1837 until his appointment to the Legislative Council in
1844. Named first Canadian postmaster-general in 1851, when
responsibility for that service passed from the British government,
he introduced Canada's first stamps, and significantly
standardized and reduced rates. Morris subsequently served
as speaker of the Legislative Council (1853-54, 1858) and concluded
his public career as receiver-general (1862-63) in the
Reform ministry of J. S. Macdonald and L. V. Sicotte.
Erected by the Ontario Heritage Foundation, Ministry of Culture and Recreation