Monday, July 11, 2016

The Glengarry Emigration Plaque

The Glengarry Emigration Plaque stands east of the parking area in front of the St. Raphael's Ruins on the south side of Country Road 18 in St. Raphael's, Ontario. The plaque has English text on both sides. Plaques that have been placed more recently have English on one side and French on the other.

OF 1786

Early in September, 1786, a group of some 500 Scottish
Highlanders, the majority of whom were Macdonells, arrived
at Quebec. They were led by their parish priest from
Knoydart, Glengarry, the Reverend Alexandeer MacDonell
(Scotus). Forced to flee because of the depressed
economic condition of the Highlands, they had been
encouraged to come to Canada and settle among their
fellow countrymen in what is now Glengarry County.
Despite initial hardships most of these Scottish pioneers
settled successfully in this region, where their loyalty
and military prowess were frequently demonstrated. Father
MacDonell founded the parish of St. Raphel, one of the
province's earliest Roman Catholic congregations.
Erected by the Ontario Archaeological and Historic Sites Board.