Friday, May 27, 2016

Thomas D'Arcy McGee Plaque

The Thomas D'Arcy McGee Plaque occupies the wall at the east of 138 Sparks Street, the current location of Her Esthetician. The actual location of the assassination was at the doorway to Mrs. Trotter's Boarding House at 71 Sparks Street, now occupied by Interart Evaluation, Dixon Jewellers and The Astrolabe Gallery.


Journalist, poet, Irish patriout, Canadian statesman and Father of Confederation, McGee was born in Ireland, where he was involved in nationalist politics. Forced to flee to America in 1848, he worked for sevral years in the United States before settling in Montréal in 1857. In 1858 he was first elected to the legislature for Montréal West. An eloquent orator in support of Confederation, McGee attended the Charlottetown and Québec Conferences, and later represented Montréal West in the House of Commons until felled near this site by an assassin's bullet on April 7, 1868.

Thomas D'Arcy McGee, journaliste, poète, patriote irlandais, homme politique canadien et père de la Conféderation, est né en Irlande, où il devint nationaliste dès son jeune âge. Obligé de fuir son pays en 1848, il travailla aux États-Unis pendant plusieurs années avant de s'établir à Montréal en 1857. L'année suivante, il fut élu député à l'Assemblée législative. Partisan fervent et éloquent de la Confédération, il assista aux conférences de Charlottetown et de Québec. Il fut député de Montréal-Ouest à la Chambre des communes jusqu'à son assassinat, près d'ici, le 7 avril 1868.

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