Wednesday, June 25, 2014

International Peace Garden

The International Peace Garden in Ottawa is located on the northeast bank of the Rideau River in Rideau Falls Park on Sussex Drive near Stanley Avenue. It was made there in 1990 at the same time as another International Peace Garden was placed in Washington DC in the United States.

The primary flower for the garden is the tulip, which flourishes and blooms in early spring. It looks to me that the flower beds have recently been cleared of tulips and replanted with something else that hasn't had much of a chance to develop at the time these pictures were taken.


Every spring, thousands of "Ottawa" tulips bloom in this
International Peace Garden, first conceived and planted in 1990.
The idea was born in Canada during the Second World War, when
Canada's Capital offered sanctuary to a Dutch princess and her
family. The bulbs for the Capital's massive displays of tulips  were
a post-war gift from Princess Juliana and the Dutch people. Since then,
tulips have proliferated in Ottawa as a symbol of peace, freedom and
international friendship.

In 1990, the City of Ottawa and the Canadian Tulip Festival (an annual
event that dates back to the post-war period) presented the United
States with a "peace garden" to celebrate the world's longest
undefended border. The dedication of that garden inspired the 1992
creation of the International Peace Garden Foundation — a
charitable organization that promotes human rights and advances
global friendship.

The Foundation works with the Canadian Tulip Festival
to coordinate the annual gift of a Peace Garden from
country to country, with the latest participant
choosing which country to honour next.